Sea: An image that brings thousands of thoughts. When looking at the sea you are filled with emotion. Different feelings when it’s calm different when it’s not. Different at dawn, dusk or midnight. Priceless source of wealth and fauna, source of food, legends and traditions but also of many hobbies and activities; surf, sailing, fishing, rowing and more.

Seabed: A magical word, a different world, peaceful, exotic. A different feeling, a sensation that can be addicting. Speargun fishing, our sport. A sport that gains more and more fans across the planet. A sport that helps your mind ‘travel’ that joins the past with the present.

Wooden speargun: The first speargun to ever catch a fish was an ancient wooden handmade one. It was meant to be, so it seems that the most advanced weapon of underwater fishing today is also wooden and handmade.